I graduated from a Master’s program where I studied Japanese culture awhile ago, after which I worked for an educational, Asia-related non-profit in the capital of the free world. (And I think it’s really cool that I can say something that specific without even worrying about breaking anonymity.) I started a doctoral program in Japanese studies recently at a new school on a new coast.

I was inspired to start this blog in grad school when we would get so excited about literary theory and ancient Japanese culture that we would keep talking past the official end of class, get kicked out by the next class and keep talking outside. I hope that some of that enthusiasm is replicated here. Oddly, since I work on Japanese popular culture I often find it relaxing to write about American popular culture, but this blog was originally intended to talk about Japanese things. Now I cover a bit of both, with forays into both academic topics and my favorite shows and movies. I welcome questions from anyone who wants to learn more but isn’t sure where to look. Even if I don’t know the answer to your question, I can probably point you to someone who will.

I’ve been a student of Japanese popular culture for well over a decade now, so occasionally I will go old school and refer to something like making home copies of fansubbed videotapes. However, I’m a somewhat-skilled website designer and the holder of a liberal arts Master’s degree, so I will lapse into technical jargon every so often as well. My goal is to write clearly enough that someone who knows the language of Japanese popular culture but not the language of deconstruction – and vice versa – will be able to understand what I’m getting at and feel confident arguing back with me. Of course, if you happen to be equally literate in both so much the better. If you find a post confusing, please do drop me a note about whatever I need to edit/re-write.

I hope that you enjoy your stay here.


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