Blogs update and Challenge

Hello all. FYI, I should be posting more often over the summer than I have been recently. Right now, I wanted to briefly point out that I’ve updated, organized and added to the blogroll on the left side of the screen. I’ve divided the links into a general blogroll and a list that’s useful for studying anime. The anime section includes blogs about non-anime topics which are useful for scholars of anime, such as a blog about women in the American film industry that has often inspired me to look at other media in different ways.

I’ll probably add a few more links, and maybe divide the general section into several sections. Eventually, I’ll build up a list of useful articles, webpages and so on for your perusal. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, and don’t forget to thank any service members in your acquaintance. If you’re doing the challenge, why not help someone specific – send a care package to some our soldiers overseas. You can get an address and suggestions for what to send through Any Soldier. I like to send a mix of fun stuff (games, magazines, crossword puzzles, candies) and nicer necessities (handy wipes, sunscreen, lotion, fancy chapsticks [with sunscreen], those expensive hiking socks that keep your feet cozy through anything, gourmet coffees and teas).


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