Cannes idiocy

This is a bit late, but I wanted to direct your attention to the fact that the Cannes festival this year featured no films directed by women in competition. That is correct: zero. That is also pathetic. Last I heard, eighteen men-directed films are in that competition, and they couldn’t even find one decent woman-directed film to add?!?!

A letter is being sent to the organizers complaining about this, and you can sign it at You Cannes Not Be Serious. It’s easy and quick, and you can add a comment of your own if you’d like. The text of the letter is below.

HT to Women and Hollywood, a lovely blog everyone should follow.

To: The Organisers of the Cannes Film Festival

As people who care about and are interested in films we must protest the lack of female directors in competition for the 2010 Cannes Film Festival. Women make up over half of cinema audiences and we demand a fairer representation of female directors in the main competition.

We are raising our voices in protest in hopes that in the future this will never happen again.

We are watching. We will not be silent.


The Undersigned


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