More quotes!

I missed a page of my notes when I posted yesterday, so here are the last two:

In response to a question about a generational disconnect between anti-military 60 year-olds, pro-military 40 year-olds and twenty-somethings,
“Well, I am 64 years old now. I took part in the Vietnam demonstrations in my youth. Um, everybody has their youth.” -Yukio Okamoto, saying more by silence

And finally, on the effects of rude comments about the president,
“Regarding what someone would call the U.S. president, I think they’re used to being called pretty much anything.” -Richard Armitage

The more I work in DC, the more I’m impressed by the quality of our statesmen and our allies’ statesmen. (I don’t work too much with our, um, non-allies.) I can’t recall ever meeting a senior member of the Foreign Service who I wouldn’t be proud to have represent myself and my nation. They all seem able to effortlessly make critical points – but in a way that doesn’t feel as though you’re being criticized. It’s a skill I wish I had. Whenever I deal with them, making progress just seems easier, natural. I’m glad we’ve got them working for us.


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