Quotes from the 16th annual Japan-U.S. Security Seminar, which I attended awhile back.

“How long [do we have to speak]?” -Shinichi Kitaoka
“About seven minutes. After seven minutes, there’s a trap door that drops you into the bowels of the Willard Hotel.” -Ralph Cossa

“A woman went in to see her doctor. He said ‘Ma’am, I’m sorry, but you’ve only got a week to live.’ She said ‘Oh no, is there anything I can do?’ He said ‘Well, you can go and marry a U.S.-Japan security specialist.’ She said ‘Will that help?’ He said ‘No, but a week will feel like forever!'” -Richard Armitage

“I tend to be an optimist also, but that may be more a commentary on my mind than the facts.” -William Perry, with one of my new favorite quotes

After a questioner was referred to CNA for the answer to their question:
“Hi, I’m Mike McDevitt, and I am employed at CNA.” -Mike McDevitt
“Yeah, you can turn your resumes in to Mike on the way out.” -Ralph Cossa

Note: Tim Keating recently retired. Prior to his retirement, he was a four-star admiral in the U.S. Navy, i.e. in charge of a lot of important stuff.
“Thank you. I’m Tim Keating, and I’m unemployed.” -Tim Keating

And in that vein,
“You know, I’m also unemployed, so I have no way of knowing what the DPJ is thinking.” -Yukio Okamoto, former Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Japan


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