M-, a friend of mine, has made a fun computer game that mildly parodies the Princess Maker series. If you haven’t been introduced to Princess Maker, the basic idea of each of the installments is that you have been gifted with a seven-ish year-old child (by a goddess) and have to raise her. When she gets to her teens, you find out how she turns out. Results include things like queen of hell, princess of the kingdom, magician and nothing much.

M-‘s version was originally made as a present for his girlfriend (a Princess Maker fan) and is called Princess Faker. There’s a bit of gentle humor as far as the original is concerned – for example, the original lets you feed your daughter pills that enhance her bust, which gets taken to rather comic extremes in the parody. M- is a budding game designer, and he’s come up with a fun way to pass the hours.

Without further ado, here it is.

And yes, I know I’m late on a post about my presentation. There’s so much to mull over, and I’m suddenly busy again. What can I say, it never ends.


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