An embarassment of riches

A lot of things have been happening recently. I started a new job awhile back, which is going well. I’m back in the non-profit world, working on educational events again. I get to use my Japanese a bit (and have learned just how pathetic my Japanese really is). Last week, however, was the tops. We were involved in a trio of events that all seemed to go well. The most rewarding for me, personally, was a three-day conference that brought together experts from across the world to discuss a Troubled Nation. In those three days, I had all sorts of fun, informative experiences – including witnessing a prominent television anchor prove that he can, indeed, tell a story and hearing a respected previous presidential candidate expound on TN with a depth of insight I had not realized he possessed. Though the majority of the conference focused on bringing together foreign thinkers who had not had a proper opportunity to discuss the issues before, interactions with prominent officials in the government and the IMF led me to believe that the impact of the event may extend far further than we had intended.

That’s all that I can write at the moment, but I will follow up in a few days with a discussion of my first conference paper presentation. (Also last week!) I will say this, though: When I first began work after college I was young, green. I may have felt like I knew what I was doing, but I was also feeling insecure about making even the slightest mistake. A small mistake or misunderstanding felt like a failure. In a way, going off to grad school has helped my non-academic career very unexpectedly. I now feel secure in both my abilities and my failures. If I make a mistake now, I do not feel as though I am guilty of some crime; I simply move on. Get the work done. It’s a healthier attitude, and it keeps me more engaged with my work.


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