Quick Quote

While I’m finishing up the first draft of my thesis, I thought that I’d leave you with the quotes I caught at the 2007 conference of the Association for Japanese Literary Studies.

“[Takuboku was in Hokkaido for only a year.] Now, William Hobart Smith was there for eight months, and of course he left an indelible mark there.  But he was a gaijin and they stand out more.”    -Prof. Forrest

“This panel is titled Soseki’s Bungakuron: A Centennial Celebration; funny, since Soseki’s Bungakuron is not often thought of as something to celebrate.”   -Prof. Murphy

“They know their Foucault, but not Boss-Rausch [?].  Maybe that’s why they’re happier.”   Prof. Washburn
(And sure enough, I don’t know Mr./Ms. Boss-Rausch… or whatever his/her name is.  To be fair, I wasn’t a grad student at the time, but I am now and I’m still not sure who he was talking about.)

A pair from Mr. Bourdaghs, the first a slip of the tongue and the second from when he realized that he was running out of time:

“More specifically, I will expound on the theory of literature that So Sexy – I mean, Soseki… ”

“I’m going to cut all those sections… Unfortunately for you, those are the fun sections, but this is an academic conference… ”

A series from Prof. Sakaki on the wonders of technology:

“I don’t have bells and whistles in my Powerpoint”
[nothing on the screen]
“I’m merely showing… ”
[still nothing]
“I’m merely showing… ”
[still nothing]
“Uhm, I’m merely showing… ”
[not a thing]
“I’m not showing.”

The organizer of the conference rang a little bell when speakers had five minutes left.  After this pattern had been established, a cell phone went off:

“Is that… Joe’s bell?”   -Prof. de Bary, conscientuously trying to maintain time, yet very confused as to how twenty minutes went by… in five.


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